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Being in the hair care business is not easy. We’ve created Afrobiz to help easily track your expenses, book appointments, build a library of your work and measure your business performance against your peers.

Afrobiz was developed by leading natural haircare brand Jabu Stone to solve basic business issues. After being in the industry for over 25 years, Jabu realized that there was a need for a convenient tool to see where money was going in and out of the business and to measure growth, something most owners don’t focus on enough.

Afrobiz is the perfect tool for anyone looking to scale up their salon and keep track of receipts and automate expense management.


  • Money Manager: Track expenses and incomes by categories

  • Goal Setting: Set a saving goal; automatically update your balances as you progress towards your goal

  • Reporting: Financial reports give you an overview of your spending, income by date

  • Leader board: See how your business is performing against your peers

  • Portfolio: Build your portfolio and show your work to clients

  • Product management: Manage your product inventory

  • Client Database: Keep and manage your client database

  • Appointment scheduling: Manage your appointments to ensure that you optimise your and you clients' precious time

Currently only available on the Android platform


Afrobizz App
Afrobizz App
Afrobizz App
Afrobizz App
Afrobizz App
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